Goodness It's Almost February

How did that happen?

Hasn't it been a strange old time these past few years? I am not sure whether to reflect on it all or just try and carry on looking forward. I am a reflector by nature but a short term one if you know what I mean. I mull over things perhaps within the last few days or weeks at a push but I rarely wallow in the past.

However I think we've all been forced to do a bit of wallowing and a bit of reflecting of late.

So as SoffiaB enters into its 10th year - whoohoo - I've thinking about SoffiaB and what next.

Well to be honest I am still thinking. I am chuffed to bits that we've got this far and I adore our clients and all our supporters, after all without you we wouldn't be in our 10th year!! 

Like many small businesses we've had our share of challenges along the way. A couple of changes I would like to let you know, you will be hearing less from me, instead of weekly missives, these will become monthly and for those of you that follow on social media I shall be doing less. However we've outgrown our current website so we'll be popping up a better one within the next couple of months, and I would love your feedback once it's live.

Our gorgeous silk robes and dressing gowns are still available, feel free to contact me if you can't see the size you require and I will always double-check physical inventory for you, just in case! Or if you just fancy a chat feel free to contact me then too :-)

Why am I sharing this with you? Because as wonderful supporters of SoffiaB I feel our communication is key to our success as a business.

Meantime I wish you a lovely February, it's very, very cold here currently and I'll see you again around 24th!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie xx

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