Hello There!

Have you missed me :-) don't worry you don't have to answer that! I am sorry I've pretty much left you alone most of October, but perhaps you've enjoyed the break. I do hope everyone is well? I do hope everyone is keeping tight hold of a calm frame of mind and I do hope everyone got a chance to see all the Autumn colours they were lovely around here!?!

I cannot believe it's November, I can't believe another month has gone by and we're talking about the holidays and what they might look like. It's definitely going to be a strange one.

On that note I was thinking of having another sale, it just feels like the right thing to do. Do you have anny preferences as to when? Would you like it before Thanksgiving, at Thanksgiving, (always seems such an online bunfight if you ask me but some people like it), or the first week of December? Do let me know as I'd like to work to your schedules if possible.

Meantime I look forward to being back to weekly communications!

Stay Well, Stay Safe, Stay Positive - Sophie xxx

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