How To Choose And Wear A Robe

We all just slip into our luxurious bathrobe and relax …..don’t we?  Well yes sometimes, hopefully it is more often than not.  Whether you’re slipping into a short terry bathrobe, a silk bath robe, a cotton spa robe or a silk bathrobe they must be fit and feel right.

And by this we think it takes a number of factors that must be considered before wearing a robe

1)      It must fit correctly, don’t buy a huge oversized terry robe.  It will feel like it envelopes you for about 10 seconds and then it will feel like it envelopes you!  It will be too hot, difficult to move in and to add insult to injury you look a little like the Michelin man regardless of your true statue.

2)      A cotton spa robe for the cooler climes just doesn’t cut it.  Why?  Because spa robes are for just that, spas.  For when you’ve just completed a treatment and you need something to help prolong that lovely sensual feeling of relaxation until your next experience.  When it’s 32f/0c outside it won’t help, however high you have the heating cranked up.  Cotton spa robes aren’t designed for warmth and wearability and you’ll find yourself resorting to all sorts of ghastly endeavours …. Like wearing pajamas - eek!

3)      A short terry cloth robe is really neither here nor there.  One can’t wear it in cooler temps because your legs are left hanging and exposed and who really wants to see that holiday flannel nightie you bought when the power was out for 3 days?  And then when the weather warms you’re sweating like a Sumo in a very unlady-like manner.

4)      Now a silk bath robe we adore, but have you ever tried putting on a silk bathrobe when you’ve just stepped out of the shower?  You’re either still damp and it clings like a wet t-shirt competition or you’re a tad slimy from your lotion and you’re slithering around like a wee snake.  Neither are particularly good looks, especially should the gardener arrive needing answers to the next swathe of landscaping!

5)      Plus make sure your robe is a woman’s robe, not a unisex one because they are unbelievably shapeless.  Not a chap’s robe either because trust me they will be too big with too much fabric, again regardless of your personal shape.

So in summary when buying a woman’s robe look for length, lining and longevity.  So make sure it is long enough to cover you, the lining if it has one, feels good against your skin and is it made well and robust enough to last for a while.  Also be cognizant of the season or region you will be wearing it in.  SoffiaB Delphine collection because it is full length and lined with sea island cotton, will easily be suitable for say Southern California.  Whereas if you lived in Central or Northern CA, especially on the coast I’d recommend a Daphne lined with ultra soft cotton flannel.

So more to buying a robe than you think perhaps, because above all you want to Look Gorgeous and Feel Fabulous.

With my best wishes - Sophie

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