I Know What You Did Last Summer

I believe there is a film called “I know what you did last summer” I’ve no idea what it’s about & have no intention of watching it …. But new for 2020 there has to be a film called “I know what you didn’t do last summer” because we're not doing much!!

Shabby grammar I know but I began to think aside from all the obvious things like going out to dins etc, what I didn’t do, because as you can see by this photo ….

- I didn’t go to the hairdresser this summer. Like many I let all the natural shine through (scary old business that!!)

- I didn’t go to the dentist for my usual May cleaning but I did last week (3 teeny tiny filings apparently, thank you very much! You have to wonder if they’re trying to make up the numbers?)

- I didn’t stop buying shoes, even though I didn’t go anywhere & have nowhere to go, aren’t they fab!

- And I didn’t stop eating cake (sometimes it just has to be done)

On the other hand from a SoffiaB perspective it’s been quite jolly ….

- We did have the longest, bestest sale ever, because you know sometimes it just has to be done (see above)

- We did get into The Hamptons magazine in Delaney’s Dossier, so chuffed

- We did celebrate my Birthday on the day which was fun

- And we did communicate more. By that I mean I had even more interaction with you, my lovely, special clients and supporters!

I suspect you probably had a bit more time on your hands and thought oh what the hell, she seems harmless enough. But for me it was a wonderful chance to get to know you all a bit better. Online shopping is a brilliant vehicle, more so in these times, but one can lose the connection on occasion.

So whilst I started this “blog” because my marketing guru told me I had to, it is a way for you to get to know me, get to know the SoffiaB business and hopefully feel that even though we are online, we’re here, I am real and I genuinely care about giving you the best robe and dressing gown experience I can!!

I may well be thinking about other film names we can adjust to this summer’s situ …. Watch this space or submit your own!

Stay Well, Stay Positive, Stay Safe – Sophie xx

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