In As Opposed To Through

The word immersive is oft used of late to describe technology.

“Have a totally immersive experience at IMAX …..”     “Surround sound gives you the complete immersive feeling you need …”    “Virtual reality goggles immerse you in avatar world ….”

The connotations are lose yourself in this experience shutting out all others for the ultimate good feels …. hmmmn

Whilst technology was a large part of my former life I am a tad old fashioned when it comes to immersiveness.  Interestingly immersiveness has been around for some time with the concept being the same as the aforementioned technology but the tools are as a natural as they come.

As you know am a huge fan of self-care (even if I don’t practice it as much as I should do – I see you lovely friend naysayers shaking your heads!) I was walking the wee mutlies the other morning and I realized how much we can do very easily. I was walking in a forest or perhaps it’s actually classified as a wee wood? The day was sunny, bright, insects were chirping, birds were singing and it was GORGEOUS, lovelies, simply gorgeous!

I looked up and around, but mostly I looked up and saw the trees, the canopy, the sunlight and my goodness what a wonderful feeling of … well I don’t know? Joy, delight, lightness, peace, upliftedness … getting eloquent here making up words as I go along.

However as some you probably already know Forest Bathing has been around for oh 20 or 30 years or so, the practice coined by those clever people the Japanese who have been forest bathing forever. Now I’ve been known to be fully immersive in my SoffiaB dressing gown with a cup of tea, my bed, wine, cake and often a book; where I have really shut out all else and just savoured the experience.

So often we walk through a forest or wood and we don’t walk in it. And I’m not suggesting you wander off path and end up getting lost. I’m suggesting putting yourself actually in it, looking around, up, down but especially up because this conveys the feeling of being “in” the forest as opposed to merely traveling through. The physical health benefits are as significant as the emotional ones it seems too!

I had my beasties with me, bless their cotton socks, but apparently one is better off doing it completely solo. I say whatever you’re most comfortable with and depending how well behaved your pooches/significant other/children are?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie

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