It Was Colonel Mustard In The Library

You may recall my ongoing struggle with shopaholism, no that sounds too dramatic as I’m not and haven’t been at that uncontrollable, sky high debt scenario that some poor people reach. So to rephrase many of you know about my fight to curb my spending on clothes and shoes. And without wanting to repeat myself yet again whilst I love say 90% of my purchases there are the 10% which fall into the shopping hit or high category – not good.

Anyway just recently I did indeed go shopping and bought three items. But these three items gave and continue to give a really deep sense of joy and happiness that’s completely different from loving the sweater I just bought.

The first item was a beautiful 9ft weeping willow tree for the front garden and even though we already have a 20 footer growing nicely being rather soggy round our way, it certainly needed another to sop up the water and to frame the front of the garden.

Willow trees remind me of Ratty and Mole and my home in England. Weeping willows remind me of boating on the river. Weeping willows remind me of serenity, summer and birdsong. Weeping willows evoke simple, down to the core of the body pleasure for me and I adore them!

It is truly graceful lovelies and from my wee library study here I can see it out of the window. I also spent the previous weekend hacking about in the undergrowth to make an appealing home for my new tree. And yes whilst a number of nasties (as in brambles, twig-tree like things and the odd small tree with thorns on it) had to sacrifice themselves I feel it’s better all round for everyone.

I’ve invested in this latest weeping willow and long may he live!

The second two items I purchased came from a delightful antiques fair – a pair of “it was Colonel Mustard in the library” type (you can tell what we did on rainy days in our childhood!)  Or a black and white horror movie creeping around the staircase and suddenly all the candles get blown out type – two big fairly ornate candelabra.

The second was a huge cast iron outdoor urn and plinth. I fell in love with both or should that be all three items for their beauty and splendor.

But as my lovely friend who was with me at the time of the seeing the candelabra, commented “can you imagine what tables these two have been at and the conversations they’ve heard?” YES!! Precisely! As well as the often superior and long since practiced skills that go into making antique items, what also attracts me to the vintage is all about imagining the stories they could tell!

What gardens has my urn graced and where? My candelabra are engraved, for whose wedding or anniversary?

Knowing I have repurposed a beautiful piece of someone’s history and given it its next home is supremely satisfying and even a tad magical. Perhaps that’s the root of why antique and artisanal pieces are to be treasured? Someone somewhere has emotionally and physically invested themselves into an item for another’s enjoyment ….. could this be it do you think?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

P.S. I always thought Miss Scarlet was fabulous!! :-)

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