PJs R Us (or are they)?

And whilst some of you know I’ve not been able to get my head around pajamas as night-time apparel I am not against them per se.  Some of you I suspect look quite dashing in yours and my ankle-biters across the pond look adorable and really quite sharp respectively.  And I might add, this is not about bashing the competition as it were. 

It’s just that, well, first of all is nothing sacred and also the thing about wearing PJs as a public item is that they are sooo not for everyone, I think only the very tall and very skinny can carry them off elegantly – think 5.10” and above and 110lbs or less – exactly about 3 people in the western world who are under 18 years old!

Yes of course I am exaggerating a tad for this post, but you see the construction of the PJ is typically loose, a little baggy allowing for movement and freedom.  If you take that as modern day wear for public consumption it translates into a sack.  Talking of which I was reading just the other day an article in Harpers by John Waters, describing how the Paris designer Balenciaga debuted his chemise, aka the sack dress – love that magazine! 

Anyway I digress, my point is I think sometimes the fashion world foists fads on the unassuming public that are really quite odd and perhaps in this case unkind.  How does one feel pulled together and ready to face the day with your PJs flapping around?

PJs don’t flatter, they don’t show off your curves, they don’t lengthen your legs, they don’t accentuate your décolleté, they don’t hide the bits you’re not so proud of – they hide all of you in a less than elegant way.

The only time they look decent is when they have a lovely SoffiaB robe covering them!

And whilst some Fashionista New Yorkers may be able to pull that look off, try wearing your silk pajamas as you dash for the tube in London’s rush hour, or turn up to your corporate meeting just a little late in downtown Chicago – I can hear the murmurs now “ah I see Burkart’s finally lost it.”

Most people out in the new trend will looks like there are wearing, well yes their Pajamas and really they are one step away from fluffy slippers with rabbits ears – sigh, why were those things ever produced in adult sizes???

What I also find interesting is this trend hasn’t crossed over to the chaps, yet typically the men can often get away with wearing less in public, think swimming trunks off the beach.  Maybe this PJ wearing craze will create a whole back to Mad Men look with smoking jackets and the like?

Do you recall some years ago now the whole lacy nightdress wearing trend, I was looking at a picture of the late Princess Diana wearing a deep, midnight blue one and it had exactly the same effect, even on her.  It wasn’t the material or the lace or even how much skin it revealed, it was the construction of the piece, it looked flimsy, baggy and made her look a tad sloppy.  And let’s face it she looked fantastic most of the time.

And look here, I see there may be a revival of the lacy chemise only if you’re under 25 please!

So has there been a time where you lost your sartorial way, when even your Mother wasn’t so much cross as embarrassed for you?

One I can remember vividly was a pink, bubblegum mesh top with dolman sleeves and boat neck, I loved it when I bought it, wore it with tight, white cropped jeans and white heels.  I wore it about three times, because I realized deep down, it looked what it was, cheap and nasty.  My white heels were elegance and style personified and only served to make the top look nastier.  In my defense I was only 15 years old.

So of course it’s your prerogative if you decide to do the PJ thing, my advice is if you must wear pajamas, confine them to the house at the very least.  However, I have to say I could see myself going out for dins in a SoffiaB dressing gown or to the theatre in one of our robes.

I’d love to hear about your fashion faux pas or modern dress mishaps, do tell?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie

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