Robe Vs Dressing Gown

You may recall on my previous post I listed some things I had learned or discovered this past year of strangeness, and one of them was the difference between a robe and a dressing gown, well here's the big reveal.

So aside from the geographical linguistics, Pondside we tend to call them dressing gowns and Stateside we tend to call them robes, this just felt a tad simplistic. I began to wonder if they weren't in fact too different items? Robe as in bathrobe, for when you leap lightly out of your tub, towel yourself off and don your robe. Whilst a dressing gown perhaps is when we've popped on our smalls and undergarments and we're perusing our wardrobes and dressing rooms deciding what attire for the day's activities.

But then what if you shower, as I do and what about nightime? Is a robe purely for bathing purposes and a dressing gown for loungewear? Can you wear a robe as a beach cover up (ours for certain you can) but a dressing gown can't be seen outside the bedroom?

It's not quite as straightforward as it first seems is it? Or is it and I'm overthinking it, with too little else to occupy my time? 

I actually came to the conclusion the difference lays in two aspects:

1) the fabric or materials used

2) the season or weather

So robes seemed to be appropriately short and for warmer weather. Lighter colours, less material and worn whilst having coffee and nibbling amaretti under the sun umbrella, having just had a dip in the pool. 

With dressing gowns, covering the pins (legs), with rich colours, velvet accents and snowy, cooler temps. Sipping your first cup of tea of the day as the dawn breaks over a winter wonderland......

What do you think lovelies? Do you use these words interchangeably? Do you use the word that pertains to your geographcal location? Perhaps you're wondering if I've lost the plot? Perhaps you don't really care :-)

Have lovely weekends one and all - would love to hear what you think!

Stay Well, Stay Positive, Stay Safe - Sophie xxx

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