Seams Like A Good Idea

I can tell you it’s not all models, “marvelous darrhlings” and merriment!  But it is wonderful to see one’s creations worn for the first time and come alive if you like.

For our debut collection of luxury silk robes, Daphne, we were very much the uninitiated and rather learnt as we went.  However with two wonderful models Karina and Alex and our ever patient photographer Jason, we managed to cram in a whole collection into one rather weather erratic day.

It did help that we had a super-duper location complete with infinity pool lakeside.  Have a chortle at our expense …..

Let the day begin ...

Lights, camera .... oh wait, oh yes I see, ACTION!

I really, really hope that thing doesn't fall on my head!

It sort of reminds me of a shower cap?

And then the wind picks up ...

Are they refusing to come out or what?I

It's been fun, good night!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie 

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