Six Luxury Stores We Love

However at SoffiaB we tend to think of luxury as almost unrecognizable in that it’s more about the cut of the fabric, the elegance with which it drapes, the beauty in a hand knotted rug, the skill in the hand made dining room table – luxury is the understated medium that doesn’t shout at you.

So I just wanted to pass on a few purveyors I think also captures that luxury…..

The Italian Collection – divine, artisanal pieces from the heart of Italy.  Showcasing small and unique artists and craftsmen from all over Italy.  The two founders bring more than a dollop of their own style and elegance to all the items.  The range includes belts, handbags, jewelry, cashmere and a ton of other really spiffy items.  Items come direct from Italy and are available from their website.

Stubbs & Wootton – their shoes and slippers make me smile, based in Palm Beach the founder brings his wicked sense of humour and style to the footwear-party.  Slippers and shoes for the most discerning, I always want to see the rest of the photo, you’ll see what I mean when you go to their site or visit their two boutiques.

The Foxley Docket – this wonderful gentleman and publisher gave us our first feature and I’ve loved him for it ever since.  Aside from that, he runs a superb magazine for the discerning.  The name above which in itself conjures up all things splendiferous.  So whilst not exactly a retailer, it’s a jolly good read and definitely one to have on the coffee table.

Food 52 – how we love thee!  Food, food utentsils, food accompaniments, foody stuff in general.  Interesting and unique items for your kitchen and dining requirements, from antique copper pans to beeswax bayberry candles to recipes for sausage, cheddar and chive biscuit bread.  Deelishous and worth a visit for yourself, for loved ones, for the hostess with mostess, for anyone.

Indigo Perfumery – a perfumery, how absolutely marvelous.  This gorgeous shop creates and sells, yep you guessed it perfume of its own creation, although it does have a few select partners.  Have your very own perfume created just for you with all the fruits, flowers and herbs you desire.  What’s even better about this stylish shop is the bottles themselves are keepers for your dressing table. – and whilst we’re on the subject of food, this is just fun, fun, fun and a fantastic idea.  Need to send your best friend a pick me up after her divorce, send her some screamage, need something different to thank the teachers for Tarquin’s passing of the exam, send some creamy goodness.  Icecream on the go, customized and personalized flavours and descriptions, brilliant.

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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