There is one aspect which I don’t particularly care for and that’s the hot tubbing.  This side of the pond there seems to rather a lot.  Europe last time I skied there, which is a few years ago now I have to confess, have saunas with the Jacuzzi being the anomaly.  The hot dry heat really gets through to the muscles and the aches and pains, not so much in my mind the warm, frothy water.

Maybe it’s because of coming from a soggy country, the idea of getting soggier and potentially colder when one is already tired just doesn’t appeal.  I think the fact that nearly all of the hot tubs are outside or mountainside depending on your location is also off-putting.  I have to confess though sitting there drinkie-poo in hand looking at the sun setting on the mountains is magical.  Harder to do in a sauna ……

The other concern is one’s shoulders and getting out afterwards.  However wonderful your abode, there’s always the mad dash indoors and if you’re sharing or at a hotel without a Jacuzzi on your balcony, there’s the display of flesh, that often looks quite unhealthy at this time of year.  Plus as one gets on a bit, not quite as sleek and seal like as one perhaps once was, ahem!

I have however found a solution.  On my quest for suitable Jacuzzi attire I tried a number of different options, bikinis just weren’t even in the equation ski bunny I am not!  The traditional bathing suit left the shoulders bare, a scuba suit is really only if you’re young and cool, of which sadly I am neither and that left those rather fetching wool, stripey jobbies, as sported by Victorian men with large handlebar moustaches whilst taking the water at Bath and suchlike.  So it was all rather tricky.

I then came across - marvelous!  In short their complete ensemble is quick drying ladies shorts, no soggy bottoms here thank you very much!  A full coverage halter top that enhances one’s assets rather nicely I must say and the piece de resistance a wee shrug that is also quick drying and covers shoulders and your upper arms – brilliant or should we say arm-azing!

For the sunbathing (yes I know I shouldn’t but I wear sunscreen spf 30+) I am all about a simple stylish bikini, so I may not wear girltrunks poolside, but those with ankle-biters who don’t want to keep flinging stuff on and off and have to jump into the pool or waves to rescue Tarquin and Arabella – then these are a must.

What’s also interesting is I was always rather put off the board short type things as not very elegant, but these shorts in two lengths are extremely flattering.  They’re cut in such a way to not restrict movement whilst fitting to the legs.  In fact the whole outfit is flattering, I fully believe our mantra applies not just to dressing gowns but all our wardrobe!

So whilst I shall still bemoan the lack of saunas this side of the Atlantic at least now after a hard day’s skiing I shall be suitably attired to partake of the hot tub should I wish and soothe my weary muscles.

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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