Spring Melt (down....)

For those seasoned business travelers it’s almost de rigueur, but when you’re en famille it can seem horrendous.  Here are some tips to help relieve the stress ….

  • Burst into tears or roar loudly – great stress reliever, but try not to get arrested
  • Find the nearest bar and have at least 3 alcoholic beverages
  • Have an impromptu shopping spree at all the airport retailers, including the ones you’d never normally shop at
  • Buy yourself a pedometer and count just how many steps it is between terminals, not including the moving walkways
  • Try and intimidate the Airline Lounge staff by striding up purposefully demanding to see the manager waving your ticket
  • Arrange the seats in the airline lounge in the shape of a bed
  • Phone a friend (assuming you have one) in the city your stranded in to collect you immediately

Or if you need some proper advice, the sensible people at Conde Nast Traveler have put this together for you

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