The Perfect Wedding Gift

Why not a SoffiaB luxury silk robe?  Yes hopefully the Bride and Groom will have a List and I’m sure they’ll have lots of very useful household goods on it.  But what if it’s your best friend getting hitched or a cousin or a sister for that matter.  You want to get her something that is perfect for her, tells her how happy you are for her and something she will really like. 

A luxury silk robe is something that any Bride will adore, because it’s just for her, not for the house, not for them both, just for her.  Plus when you buy a luxury silk robe or dressing gown from SoffiaB because of the beautiful, unique printed silk and the sensual cotton linings, she will always remember her wedding day each time she puts on her full length robe.

If your Bride is a dear person in your life, you may like to give her the robe before the day so she can use it to get ready in.  SoffiaB luxury silk robes have two different lining depending on the climate you’re in.  Daphne is lined with ultra soft, double napped 100% cotton flannel so the wearer feels encased in a cloud of sensual softness.  Perfect for a winter wedding or those living in cooler climes.  Delphine is lined with 100% sea island cotton, that has a sateen finish to it, allowing for extra breathability and elegance.  Ideal for a summer wedding or those living in temperate climates year round.

With a variety of stunning prints and colour combinations, choosing a perfect robe for your special Bride won’t be hard and she will be delighted with it.

But wait a full length luxury silk robe is not just for the Bride!  Maybe you’re the Bride and you’d like to say an extra special thank you to someone.  Perhaps your Mother, his Mother or your maid of honour for all their help, support and love for making your day wonderful.  A SoffiaB robe and dressing gown because they come already gift wrapped means you don’t have to worry about a thing.  Choose online, we will gift wrap in gorgeous black and gold accents and ship to the door of the recipient.  What a lovely way to say thank you!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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