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I like to think I’m an expert on robes and dressing gowns, partly because I’ve bought and owned so many and ended up wearing so very few of them!  This also includes nightdresses because in my quest to find the perfect dressing gown, sometimes I had to add a nightdress to my attire when getting up in the morning, just because my robe was so lacking.

And partly because I firmly believe that what you wear and when you wear it affects our whole approach to life (see earlier post

There are a number of questions I think to consider ….

  1. Is it ok for a woman over 30 to wear PJs?
  2. How often should the negligee type nightwear come out?
  3. Are grey-ing tee-shirts of the last man in your life, ever acceptable to be seen in?
  4. Does it make a difference, what stage your relationship is in, as to what you wear performing your ablutions?
  5. What do you wear when sick and confined to your bed?
  6. Is greeting the butler / postman / milkman / neighbour attired in a dressing gown suitable?
  7. If you don’t don a dressing gown, what do you wear?
  8. And lastly, should the partner keep their mouths shut if they don’t care for any of it?

I’m going to try and answer, or at least give you my thoughts on these pressing questions as succinctly and entertainingly as possible!

  1. No – only exception is perhaps when you’re very, very sick, but even then a good nightdress should suffice.  Leave the PJs to the young’uns and the college crew.  Aside from the elegance side of things, there’s something slightly ick I think about adults dressing in children’s clothes.  Silk ones are best left to Hugh Hefner.
  2. As often or as little as you want darrhhling, you don’t need lace to be sexy, wink, wink!
  3. No, because they were disgusting in the first place and your partner has every right to ask “so why are you keeping your ex’s/brother’s/best friend’s tee-shirts in the first place?’
  4. Well I’d like to say No on this one, but inevitably this does change a little as our relationship develops.  We might be wearing our negligees or Birthday suits for the first say 6 months and then when Winter comes rolling around and the rain, snow and sleet greet us, our robes and nightwear beckon to us madly.
  5. Honestly, whatever you damn well please see point 1), whilst I know we all try and keep ourselves looking glam, but when you’re throwing up your small intestine or sweating like a sumo wrestler in a sauna, one typically wants caring, comforting fibres against the skin.  I recall suffering from Pleurisy one time and clinging to the radiator in my bedroom with not a stitch on because I was feeling so rotten.  A kind friend sent me a very sweet pair of cotton PJs, which was extremely thoughtful but quite useless, I ended up burrowing down into my duvet for 3 days.
  6. Yes, as long as it’s beautiful and makes you feel beautiful.  If there are fuzzy bunny slippers in close proximity don’t answer the door!
  7. Maybe some of you would like to answer this one??  I’ve had people say to me, “but I don’t wear a dressing gown” and I want to ask “why-ever not?”  Upon further probing, oftentimes it’s for the same reason I started SoffiaB – they couldn’t find a decent one!  And after all a decent dressing gown can cover up a multitude of sins and transform you very quickly.
  8. Yes!  But don’t walk away defeated and in the words of a certain ad campaign – let your fingers do the walking or in this case clicking and get your mouses, meeces etc over to the SoffiaB website pronto!  And then you’ll both be happy!!

So tell me dear readers, I am intrigued to know your thoughts on this subject, as you can see I have mine quite clearly sorted out, but I am definitely open to other ideas.  I may even do a wee survey sometime in the future.

Will I ever put down my dressing gown, hell no, never.  I will however go on perfecting them!

With my best wishes – Sophie

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous

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