Why Silk And Cotton Robes

So define perfect.  I couldn’t find a robe that looked good and felt good, my options were either big, fluffy, toweling or fleece robes that frankly made me look like a baby elephant.  Or alternatively itzy-bitzy lacy negligee types that were really only designed for one thing.  One robe I bought looked a little like a table-cloth – not the look I was going for.

Yes the fluffy ones felt fine, but not fabulous and yes the itzy-bitzy ones looked good, but not gorgeous.  In designing and creating our luxury silk robes, our moto quickly became Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous, because that’s what we felt was important to our customers.

As women, we may throw caution to the wind on occasions and wear that pair of simply beautiful heels and pay the price the next two days, but waking up in the morning and going to bed at night should be a restoring, calming and sensual time.  Not an itchy, barely there, nor too hot, disappearing in a ball of fluff experience.

Spa robes perhaps were a lighter alternative, but again our customers spend their time at the Spa and don’t necessarily want to take that feeling home.

Natural fibres were the only way to go and of course cotton with its wonderful breathability and lightness were just the qualities we wanted.  Not found in cotton robe equivalents however was the elegance that silk with its breathability too, brought to the design.  So I decided to combine the two, line the luxury silk robe with 100% cotton and give the customers a choice of two weights.  This would give them options depending on which house they’d be wearing them in, the New York apartment or the coastal beach house.   Then to ensure that look gorgeous aesthetic, overlay a soft, sensual silk printed with patterns from vibrant to the sublime depending on the client.

Et voila an extra special luxury silk robe appealing to many tastes.  Looking more stylish than your fleece or terry cloth robe, but providing enough coverage to wear around the house.  Looking just as beautiful as the negligee you bought for your honeymoon, but tasteful enough to open the front door should the unexpected arise.

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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