Yes You Watering Can

Following on from last month’s post where I sort of dribbled on about retention of thoughts and things with a smidge of sustainability thrown in, I’ve been giving this more thought.

Here at SoffiaB we advocate using our robes and dressing gowns for more than their intended purpose. Especially as the weather brightens and warms, and the chances lessen of being rained on. I love seeing them used as an evening coat instead of a pashmina. Or as a cover up by the pool – why is it so hard to find a cover up that is breathable and actually looks decent? - asking for a friend - Or as a complete dress, I mean why not?

Those that follow me on social media or know me personally, are aware that I love antiquing or buying vintage items or just plain old second hand preloved stuff. Aside from the quality aspects often found with older produced items, I find it almost magical to think what an item has seen, the places it’s been etc etc :-)

Like our robes it’s also about thinking a little differently. Things don’t have to be used for their intended purpose.

This came to me in a bit of a eureka moment a few years ago when searching for an indoor watering can. One that could hold a goodly amount of water, that poured well, had a slim spout and looked displayable.

Soooo many plastic, junky, tinny, ones!!! I bought a small second-hand brass one, one of the classic long, long spout, with rotund body. Loved it, reputable dealer etc but first time I used it the handle broke off. I was getting frustrated and my plants were gasping. It shouldn’t be so hard, I was devoting far more time to searching for a watering can than I should have been. Then I had that eureka moment. My mother had a solid silver teapot and coffee pot but she also had a number of silver-plated ones that were currently sitting in a cupboard chez moi. Ah ha!! Perfect, absolutely bloody perfect. Holds enough water, spout pours beautifully, is long enough to get in between bushy plants and of course looks quite lovely sitting on the kitchen island!



Since then, aside from the teapot watering can, an old decanter is holding the clothes washing smellies and a wedgewood dish thingy is now a soap dish to name a few – voila, brilliant and beautiful.

 soap dish

So wearing one’s silk and velvet dressing gown to the theatre may not be that far a reaching idea as you might have previously thought? Go on, I dare you ….

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie xxx

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