A Dressing Gown Dilemma

After all I produce luxury full length silk robes that are lined with the softest most caressing cotton.  They are hand stitched with care and the colours are brilliant and compliment every skin tone.  They are designed with grace, elegance and beauty combined with the most sensual comfort to make the wearer look gorgeous and feel fabulous.  So why do they then tell me about their ratty, grey, bulky, flowery (substitute all that horrifies you in here) thing they’ve had for years….. What is it do they expect me to say?  “oh yes I have one of those too, aren’t they great!?!”

Yuck, ewww, arrgghhh - no and hell no it's not okay! 

What I really feel like saying is “why?”  Why do you have a nasty, unsightly robe that is clearly falling apart, that doesn’t do you any favours in the fit department and makes you look like a relative of the grim reaper?

Then closely followed by “don’t you think you’re worth a little bit more than that?”

Because unless I’ve missed something along the way, which is always possible, doesn’t it come down to that?  How you feel about yourself?  Isn’t it still worthwhile to look good for you?  Aren’t you the only you around and deserve to feel good?  Plus one could argue it’s a reflection of how you view your wife, husband or partner – yeah ratty and grey’s ok for me, then it’s ok for you!  Why thank you for that……

And these people, aren’t they embarrassed by such a robe, talking to a robe and dressing gown designer that produces luxury robes, what makes them admit such a thing?  It’s like me saying to Steve Jobs (if he were alive rest in peace), “oh no I have a mobile phone the size of a brick from when they first came out 20 years ago”.

He would have been totally horrified and more than a bit mystified. 

So darhlings get yourself a decent dressing gown or robe, it doesn’t have to be a SoffiaB one, although of course that’s preferable.  Get one that makes you still feel beautiful even though your hair is down and your make up is off.  Get one that feels deliciously sensual against your skin that helps your body take a virtual sigh of relief.  And if that still doesn’t appeal please get one so next time I see you, I won’t be forced to walk away in amazement and horror as you tell me about the ratty grey abomination you have in your wardrobe!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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