Why A SoffiaB Robe Makes Such A Perfect Gift

One of the issues I came across in trying to purchase a decent robe was the quality, the quality of the fabric and its ability to hold itself together as well as the quality of the seamstress-ing ie the sewing and production.

Instead of the threadbare cotton bath robes one might come across or the full length terry robe seen in hotels – neither of which stand much chance of survival – we chose silk.  Gorgeous, luxury, vibrant printed silk.  A silk robe was something to admire, aspire to and ultimately to obtain.  Silk on its own screams luxury and quality.  From a gift giving perspective it shows worthiness and thought.  Sounds a bit mean doesn’t it?  But what would you say about the chap that buys his girlfriend a toweling bathrobe for Christmas?  Unimaginative at best perhaps.  But the chap that buys his lady-love a silk robe for Hanukkah, you’d think what a darling, thoughtful chap!

So you see, silk was just a no-brainer as they say.

Then there’s the lining part.  Do you know our luxury robes are lined, yes that’s right lined with a choice of two material weights.  One in ultra soft double napped 100% cotton flannel and the other with feather weight sea island cotton, finished in sateen for extra elegance.  One for chillier temperatures, one for warmer climes – both with wonderful colours.  So as a gift these aren’t your bog-standard silk robes, no these are your luxury silk robes.

Colours of robes typically vary along the grand scale of white, grey, off white, black, beige, white grey, cream dark grey, chocolate brown and so on.  Hardly a variety of colours to choose from.  SoffiaB offers pinks, corals, reds, blues, greens, champagne and yes white too.  Colours to appeal to whatever your lady prefers.

What also makes a SoffiaB robe a gorgeous purchase especially for the Gentlemen, bless their cotton socks;  is we wrap our robes, yes we do, we wrap them in gold tissue paper, place them gently in a sturdy gold box, securely tie it with a gross-grain black ribbon and then pop it in the mailing box.  So no further gift wrapping needed!  Would you get that with your average spa robe or short terry robe from the large department store.  Nope.

Giving a SoffiaB really says much about you as a person whether it be your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister or daughter that is the lucky recipient.  It says you are thoughtful, kind and appreciate quality, but above all it says you think that person is worthy of luxury.

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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