Top 10 Reasons To Own A Robe

1) Does anyone remember Cherie Blair opening the door of No 10 Downing Street to a faceful of photographers wearing an old, oversized, grey tee-shirt and disheveled hair?

2) Some day you will want to play lady of the manor and swan around in your luxury silk dressing gown or robe.

3) When you don’t know your in-laws quite well enough, the separate bedrooms are still in place and wearing your negligee will only turn them into out-laws.

4) Work is being done to your house at all times of the day and night, the workmen are tromping around and need your urgent countenance.

5) When it’s minus 83 outside, the heating system is gasping for breath and you have to run to bathroom at night.

6) Suddenly the fire alarm goes off, you’ve been sleeping in your Birthday suit again and you have nothing to hand to get the hell out.

7) The ankle-biters and their friends are now taller than you and are all staying over at your house.  You not only need to be decent and Mother-like, you need not embarrass them with your tartan PJs

8) You’re having breakfast at your ocean-side holiday cottage on the balcony and suddenly you realize that the whales aren’t the only thing being watched

9) When you feel poorly and unwell, being wrapped in sensuous silk, with cozy cotton is almost as good as your Mother giving you a hug.

10) Because notables like Lord Byron wore one.

10a) Because when don’t you deserve to Look Gorgeous and Feel Fabulous!?!

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