A Little Light Reflection

Never did any harm and can often be a good source of learning. I am not one to look back though I am more present and future, but I've been thinking about this past year with what I've gained and and what I've lost .....

     - I've gained not the Covid 15 but the usual fluctuating 5lbs - deep sigh, but I can't blame the pandemic for that one sadly.

     - I'd found my suspicions were absolutely correct & my sweet beasts do nothing besides eat, drink & be reasonably merry. Being at home as only      served to emphasize their complete lack of appreciation of how good they have it!

     - I've definitely added a few inches in length on my hair & quite like it. This is something I probably wouldn't have done sans virus so that's been a fun change.

     - I hope & like to think I've gained a deeper appreciation of how fortunate I am on so many levels & that I will hold onto this.

     - I've lost a few friends both literally & figuratively which has been a total shock. But perhaps found further inner strength.

     - My wonder in nature & the beauty of it has only increased & in my own garden.

     - I've been amazed at the inventivenss of our HIIT trainer who has kept us all reasonably fit & motivated in the confines of our basements!!

     - My desire to go on holiday again to Greece & its islands has ratcheted up considerably - goodness I adore that country.

     - I've seen it's been a particularly spectacular year for both Azaleas & Rhoddies - any idea why, especially as I was posting snow the other day?

     - My shoe closet gives me waaay more joy than is really sensible or perhaps normal, but what can I say??

And I'm sure there are many, many more if only I took more time to reflect. Personally my daily life did not change THAT dramatically unlike many others (see point above). I've always shopped online, I've always used Zoom, Facetime or equivalent, I've always read a lot, I continued to walk the dogs & of course SoffiaB has always been an online outfit - our robes & dressing gowns I hope served as even more comfort to their wearers than ever before.

It's been a strange old time & whilst reflection serves a purpose I think we can all give ourselves a wee pat on the back and look forward to the future.

Talking of which mark your diaries for the June sale of Hermione. I need to come up with a name like June Jolliness or Jollity in June or, or .... something better perhaps :-)

Anyway I'd love to know your reflections on this past year?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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