Beauty Is As Beauty Does

There was an interesting piece just recently regarding Benedict Cumberbatch and how he belies the traditional form of beauty and yet is the hottest thing since sliced bread currently.  Then there was all the brew-ha ha about Miss Indiana being the new “normal”.  A size 4 – which of course we all know is hardly the average size of the average woman in the western world.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a superb actor and quite handsome but not in an obvious way.  What shines through in his interviews and antics is his rather sparkly personality – his photo-bombing of U2 – brilliant – couldn’t have happened to a better crew could it?

And Miss Indiana, whilst I didn’t see her interviewed she looked healthy and happy in a genuine way which I thought was rather a nice change from the somewhat plasticy look of the other states’ contestants.

At one time I had a rather unpleasant herniated disc in my neck and went to see a recommended pain management doctor.  Well I adored him, I fell in love immediately.  He was handsome more or less, absolutely hyper rather Tigger-like in his bounciness and he also fixed my wee disc.  Could I tell you why I adored him, no not really I can’t put my finger on it even now with some reflection and keep in mind I only saw him four times in my life.  Plus I fell in love with him immediately it wasn’t a patient / doctor “oh you’ve cured me” sorta thing.

I remember in my twenties there was an absolutely stunningly gorgeous chap I used to see around town and my friends and I thought he was simply swoon-worthy.  When I finally got to speak to him, I realized he was in fact all looks terribly sweet but didn’t have a personality to hold up his beauty.  Or he was terribly shy, but either way his attraction to me died instantaneously and that was that.

One of my friends has a lovely daughter who is 5.10” maybe 6.0” and has the perfect build and face to try her hand at modeling but perhaps very sensibly my friend won’t let her anywhere near an agency.  She says she doesn’t want her daughter exposed to that lifestyle.  Plus I think she wants to instill in her daughter that looks are lovely, but are by no means everything.

And this is perhaps is at the crux of this post, beauty is not skin deep, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, beauty goes further than the physical being – it’s about the whole package.  Whilst one could perhaps argue we at SoffiaB promote beauty, we do indeed but we promote what’s underneath too.  Our linings are meant to make the wearer feel good too and generally when we feel good, we shine a little brighter and feel a little more jolly.  And let’s face it the world can always do with a little more jolliness ……

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie

P.S.  this picture won a photo / tagline competition for an elephant conservation organization and deservedly so!

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