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Of course we want to remind you how wonderful our dressing gowns are and keep you updated on SoffiaB life and times, but sometimes we worry that you may be thinking “not another dratted email”.  We of course have an unsubscribe option on every communication, but if you use that we’ve lost you and probably for good.  And that would be dreadful!!

I am one of those ladies, some of you may have noticed, that get “things” done to their hair – regularly.  Such as it is I use two different salons for my purposes of beautification and one of these I have been a regular with high priced service customer for over ten years.

Now before all the chaps who may be reading this,  hit the back button or skip to the latest news, this particular post isn’t all about my hair trials and tribulations, promise!

I visit this particular salon and have been doing so every 2-3 months and have a good relationship with the lady who maintains my hair.  At the beginning of the holiday season I vaguely wondered if they might be having a do for all their loyal clients?  Each year I receive a lovely card from my wonderful accountant thanking me in effect for my business and I hate to say it but I suspect the spend differential of my hair salon vs my accountant isn’t all that vast.

And that’s when it struck me, I don’t think I exist in their customer world.  You see I have not received, one flyer, one invitation, one offer, not even a single email in all the years I have been a customer at this salon.  In fact the only communication I receive from them is an automated text message confirming my appointment two days ahead of schedule.  They don’t even ring me to change a time or let me know the Director is unavailable.

A few years ago I asked my lovely Director hair lady, if they did indeed send out stuff to their clients and she looked shocked and said “yes of course, have you not received any!?!”  I replied in the negative and she asked the receptionist to take my address details when my appointment was over.  Well she didn’t and I am still not on their list, I do not exist to them as a customer.

Some of you maybe thinking lucky escape!  But I am not sure how I feel about it, part of me is asking, am I missing out on some potential goodies and I can’t help feel a tad neglected but the other part of me is, it’s just fine.

The absolutel irony in all of this, is the founder and owner of this small chain of hair and beauty salons, is a motivational speaker and his core topic and expertise is, yep you guessed it Customer Service …..

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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