Things Are Not Always What They Seem

Most mornings especially this past summer I meet a Mother and her children on my circuit.

Her little boy must be about 3ish rides his bicycle with no stablilizers very impressive, whilst she pushes a pushchair or stroller.  The little boy announced his name was Liam and enquired as to mine one day.  We exchanged pleasantries Liam and I and on I carried.  His Mother was far less enthusiastic and just about acknowledges my good mornings.

I’d been seeing them perhaps 2-3 times per week, sometimes I have my hound with me and sometimes not.  Regardless Liam’s mother isn’t exactly friendly towards me, two children under the age of 3 a lot of work, n'est ce pas? 

Then just the other day I was running and we sort of met at the top end of a street and Liam’s mother wouldn’t even look at me, I said my usual good morning and she barely acknowledged my presence!  Liam was his usual personable little self zooming in front of me on his bike, shouting he could go faster than me.  Not any great feat I might add given my pace, but we laughed and agreed he could.  I was a little put out by his mother’s attitude, after all we’d been meeting for a while now and I don’t look that unpleasant – disheveled and in pain quite possibly, but not unpleasant!

And then I noticed a sling, not a broken arm sling, but a baby sling and I thought OMG – another one!  Sure enough there was a wee bairn, 3 under three OMG!!

No wonder Liam’s mother wasn’t up to much during our greetings, she could probably barely walk, let alone make polite conversation.  And of course all those months previously she’d been pregnant.  Call me unobservant but given the age of the ankle biter in the pushchair I’d assumed she was still carrying left over baby weight.  She was carrying baby weight, but no left over stuff, new stuff, new baby!

So as I ran on I made a mental note to myself, Liam’s mother gets a full pass for about the next 18 years in my book and she can ignore me for all of those years because she has her hands full to overflowing.  I also made a note to drop a SoffiaB brochure into her husband ASAP!!

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