Out Of Context

This is a picture of the Best Hound Ever, one that sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago after almost 13 years with us. As many of you know when a pet passes it's heartbreaking and Jasmine Hound passing was no different.

But you see it was. Jasmine was with me for almost as long as I've been Stateside and she was a rescue foxhound that the shelter kennel said was difficult to home, she messed her cage and howled. A. Lot.

My sweet, sweet hound it turned out wasn't difficult at all, was perfectly house trained, very good manners and was a sweetheart, albeit a bit reserved at first. She was purely stressed and unhappy at the kennels. Not once did she have any accidents in the house. But it didn't matter even if she had, you see I'd fallen in love with long silky ears from the picture online and the fact that she looked like a purebread foxhound was enough to clinch it. Then when we met she rolled over and showed her pink spotty tummy to be stroked - bless her cotton socks!

Jasmine Hound reminded me of home, of England and really could do no wrong. In the UK apart from a 3 month stint in homes as puppies, foxhounds are used as working dogs, kept in kennels together as pack and used for hunting, fox hunting. Whilst this has been banned for some time now, hunts are still very much around and holding drag hunts, bascially pre-scented trails.

If someone had said to me when I lived there "oh do you fancy rescuing a foxhound?" I'd have been shocked and surprised, quickly followed by thanks but no thanks. They're not suitable for pets they're working dogs ...... well how wrong can one be.

And because my lovely hound was out of context, I was homesick and she reminded me of England, it didn't even occur to me, she was a "working dog". I just knew I had to take her home and she was the Best Hound Ever.

So when someone says to me "oh I don't wear a robe" I am inclined to agree, they probably don't. They also as of yet, don't wear a SoffiaB dressing gown either, so just like I didn't, they don't know what they're missing. Sometimes we have to open ourselves up and push our preconceived thoughts away and enjoy the opportunities that come our way. Or in my case the best foxhound ever.

Safe Positive, Stay Well, Stay Safe - Sophie xxx

P.S. we also have a pitbull x foxhound, another misconception, full of sweetness & joy

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