Well Gosh ....

Firstly though I do want to say thank you!!

Thank you for all the support, comments, for reading and of course for all the orders. I really appreciate your continuing interest in SoffiaB, because obviously without you all, it would all be rather dismal to say the least :-)

I hope also that your holiday season was as good as it could be and your 2021 is going well?

2020 was really a rum old time in many ways for us all. There's been some dreadful stuff, some ok stuff and some good stuff. Rather than go through all that, I thought I'd share a few things I've realized over these past 12 or so months:

- my sweet pink dog is actually even more sweet than I thought, patiently accepting all the smothering kisses and attention whenever I feel like it, with no complaint whatsover

- that it's time for another no spend resolution because really I do not have anywhere to wear half the stuff I've bought

- my home is clearly not big enough to do the amount of roaming I'd like and we definitely need an east and west wing arrangement

- my memory is not what it used to be, in that I can remember roughly 5 things that happpened last year the rest is sort of non-existent

- I've discovered the difference between a robe and a dressing gown, yes there is one

- I regret removing the indoor wave pool, but as that space is now our bedroom perhaps not

- talking of pools the blow up paddling pool in the summer was not really sufficient however I tried to convince myself

- and with all the lounging and working from home a good dressing gown is more important than ever before and a nasty, bulky fleece one really doesn't cut it in front of a zoom audience

- oh and of course that if I'm going to be cleaning, I absolutely must wear my glasses ....!!!

And I feel there's a whole lot more too, but see point 4, if only I could remember. But I suppose one could say I've learnt to live not so much my best life but my best hermit life and that's fine for the moment too.

As always look gorgeous, feel fabulous and stay well, stay positive and stay safe - Sophie xxx

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