Sweet Temptation

I’m staring at half a doughnut in the cake tin left over from Birthday celebrations in our household. The doughnut was from a fresh batch from the farm shop and had too much sugar coating for my personal taste, I prefer doughnuts without the sugar.

But it’s haunting me and I’m cross and agitated – seriously!!??!! So why on earth is this nasty, devil of a confection drawing me in with sticky arms to just get it over with and eat it??

I won’t because I have a determination and discipline to lose that oh so stubborn 5lbs that I’ve been harping on about for about 10 years now #runningoffthecakes

But really this is so boring!!  Do the cravings you’ve never had has a young’un land on one in middle age just to add insult to injury?

Or is this a symptom that maybe my metabolism and ergo diet is a little off?

Now in the great scheme of things this is such a trifling issue and I am not lending weight to inconsequential worries. The point is I’ve been slightly obsessing about this half a doughnut for a number of days now, in much the same way I am obsessing about a pair of simply gorgeous of booties (thank you Nordstrom), similar to the way I’m obsessing about immediately buying all a particular author’s books due to the brilliant one I’ve just read, and not far off from obsessing about an estate emerald and diamond ring I’ve seen………. Maybe it’s not my metabolism only, that’s a wee bit off?

Why do we become mildly obsessed on occasion? We all do it about something and occasionally somebody, what is the trigger that sets this off, is it a form of addiction, is it conditioning by our society of instant gratification? Who said that wonderful quote “I can resist everything except for temptation?”

Is giving in to temptation now and again really such a bad thing? Does it depend on what the temptation is? If you came to me and said “I’m really tempted to buy another SoffiaB dressing gown, what do you think?” I’d hardly be saying, well do you really need one? Quite!

For me I do know if I had never seen the boots, the ring, read the book or bought the doughnut then I wouldn’t be obsessing about any of them. Would I find something else to obsess about?

But could it be perhaps that my brain and its little grey cells need more occupation? If I hadn’t the time to think and then obsess about these doughnuts, literal and figurative, would it not be a problem in the first place?

Thoughts, lovelies? Because I’m a tad stumped on this – could it be all of the above? Could it be that the literal doughnut hankering is a symptom of the steroids I’m taking (thank you poison ivy)?

I don’t know, do you?

Now obviously you’re worried about the confection? Don’t worry I won’t be throwing the doughnut away. So the wee birds will be getting a doughnut donation, waddle away sweet birdies, waddle away!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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