Versatility Is Key

How often have you heard that phrase said, whether at work, on TV, on the radio, via a review? A lot I’m sure. Just look at these two photos below. They could not be more different could they?



One is full, open smile, barely there make up, engaging and might one say, wholesome? The second photo is vampy, full make up, slightly dark, inviting too perhaps but in a provocative way.




And yet the same model.



The fabulous Jade is not only beautiful in her own right but she has the features for a talented make-up artist to transform her completely. Plus she is an experienced model who knows how to arrange herself if you like, to project a different look.



It’s this versatility that I also strive for in our robes and dressing gowns. I like the fact these photos show two different robes, but to be honest if you look on our website you’ll see the Coral Quintessence with dramatic make up and sky high gold heels and the Island Orchid fresh faced and quietly smiling.




Our robes and dressing gowns are meant for wearing and sharing. And by that I mean they are robust items of clothing that are well made structurally,  have comfortable cotton linings and they’re beautiful. They can be worn not only gently floating around your boudoir but they can be shared with the world on the beach, out shopping, feeding the chickens etc etc.



It’s also one of the reasons I made different lengths ie full length, calf length and knee length. The two different linings of cotton cashmere and sea island cotton. When something is as beautiful as our robes are (I know, I know I am completely biased) why confine then to the house? Show them to everyone, not just the loved ones that inhabit your bedroom!




When we did the Hermione photoshoot, I had an idea of the two different looks I wanted to create and I tore pics out of magazines to try and convey to both Jade and Maggie, our wonderful make-up artist, what I was hoping to achieve. To their credit they actually hit the nail on the head exactly, given I was chatting away about this and that, waving some tatty pages around!



Again this demonstrates the versatility of these two people, the craft they’ve chosen, the innate talent they have and the work they’ve put in to perfect it.



If you’re thinking about purchasing a SoffiaB dressing gown but you’re not quite sure and maybe looking at others. Take a moment and ask yourself “could I wear this outside my bedroom?” and then ask yourself “would I comfortably wear this outside my bedroom?”



If you have any questions regarding the design and making of our robes, please do not hesitate to ask me I’d be delighted to fill you in! After all versatility is key :-) 




Look Gorgeous, feel Fabulous – Sophie



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