Things To Do In Your Robe

I was describing to her how our robes are made, the length, the warmth of the Daphne collection and the breathability of the silks and cottons we use.  She asked were the colours true to the website (which they are, as our web chappy and photographer both do a fab job) etc etc

And she suggested as they sounded so wonderful to wear why not have a ladies breakfast or brunch do all in our robes – brilliant!!

The sophisticated version of a pajama party!

To be honest I’ve never been a fan of a pajama party partly because I’ve never had / worn PJs, at least not beyond the age of about 4 I think and the idea doesn't conjure up elegance and sophistication, but rather more pillow fights and pigtails.  However to get back to our client’s idea.  Can you imagine how much fun this would be?  So it could go something like this.

Invitations to say eight of your closest girlfriends, probably best on a Friday or Saturday  depending how many need to be in the office at some point.  Timings 10.00am to 12.30pm, upon arrival the guests are greeted with tea, coffee, champagne or Bucks Fizz (Mimosa).

Short parade of dressing gowns then to take place, points awarded for elegance, beauty and comfort, finished with each guest giving a short speech as to why they love their particular robe.  The robe that wins the most points gets to open another bottle of bubbly and a box of choccys to enjoy at her leisure.

Then onto the food, blinis, fruit salad, eggs benedict, make your own muesli and of course some kedgeree to soak up all the fizz.

At about 1.30pmish when everyone is feeling jolly it’s either an afternoon of lounging around the pool depending on time of year and your host's facilities or an afternoon trip to the spa, followed by a chauffeured drive home.

And because everyone is still in their robe they can roll straight into bed upon arrival at their abode!  Parfait! – although I do suggest some pre-booking with nannies, husbands, grandparents etc so that all ankle-biters and other personal critters are appropriately taken care of.  After all the dogs cannot open the biscuit tin all that easily!

Fabulous idea and we’ve long been a proponent of wearing our robes “out” in public and it seems to be catching on, this is a fantastic way to ease into the idea.

Thank you dear client brilliant, just brilliant.

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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