Why Cakes Are Like Black Trousers

Headline sounds ridiculous doesn’t it …. Although I can tell you’re a wee bit curious. However, if there are any chaps reading this you may find yourself a smidge bored….

In fact slightly perplexed might be more apt but I can almost guarantee the majority of women in your circle will be able to relate if not all, in part, to what I’ve written.

So ladies when was the last time you counted how many pairs of black troos you own? Along with LBDs (little black dresses) I suspect you have quite a few?

I have a ton, no surprise there. They range across the seasons in terms of fabric with cotton, linen, satin, velvet, leather and wool. To styles from full length, ankle length, straight, skinny and flare. To flat front, gathered, drawstring etc etc you get the picture. And often one finds oneself in the position of having a pair of flared satin, full length evening trousers when you really want a pair of ankle length cigarette satin trousers. So you see Gentlemen why this might not be a post for you ….?

Having a multitude of options on what at first appears to be a single wardrobe staple, turns out to be somewhat of a necessity.

I find this is the same situation with cakes. You may have seen on my social media just recently I’ve been home for the hols. We have easy access to an excellent range of baked goods. From meringues to puff pastry to spongey cake, cream filled, fruit filled, crème anglaise filled, shortbread, flapjack, scones, chocolate, fruit, spices and herbs think rosemary shortbread and cardamom cake.

If you’re still with me at this point, isn’t your mouth watering???

Herein lies my point! I came back to the US with three variations almost 4 on a currant bun …. Eccles Cakes, Fruit Scones, Welsh Cakes and for good measure some mince pies! Why? Well, Eccles cakes are specific to Lancashire and I couldn’t remember what they were like having not been there more than once. Welsh cakes because I was looking for toasted tea cakes but the supermarket didn’t have them and I remember my mother liking Welsh cakes in her latter years. Fruit scones because scones are deelish with jam and cream morning or evening and mince pies because ‘tis the season!

Utterly ridiculous isn’t it but cake and black trousers/pants are just the same around here. I find myself “needing” several options and one is never enough …. Very much like my hoard of dressing gowns :-)

Do you find this or have something similar, I’d love to know?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

p.s. Eccles cakes are okish

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