A Must See Guide To Gift Shopping

However gift shopping paralysis is rubbish regardless of your gender.  So here at SoffiaB we think there are few tenets worth keeping in mind when on the trail of that elusive “perfect” gift.

Fear Not - Do not, I repeat do not, shop anywhere that does not have a good return policy.  These days all reputable and worthy businesses either offer free returns or a long return window.  Those that don’t, don’t bother shopping there it’s not worth the hassle.  The only caveat of course is bespoke or custom made, but even then the purveyor should work with you.

Ask And You Shall Receive - Sometimes it’s hard to admit that you don’t know your significant other’s measurements, or the colors she usually wears or sometimes you simply can’t remember as you’re gripped by the tightening tentacles of present shopping.  So dear reader, ask.  Ask for that word that most of us can’t stand using …. Help.  Ask. For. Help. Or if it suits you better, ask for some input, some feedback, some perspective from a fellow human being.  However you like to phrase it, there is zero shame, it only speaks volumes about how much you want to get this gift absolutely right.

The person in the shop or on the phone or via the chat, should care.  If you get any hint they have better things to do, leave, hang up or press the end button.  We as purveyors take our customer service very seriously and our team should too.  The medium shouldn’t make any difference either, I’ve had the most superlative service via online chat, that gave me all sorts of warm and fuzzies and wanting to sing the company’s praises from the rooftops.  Helping our clients is the single best thing we can do, even if they don’t end up purchasing!  This is probably the most important tip we can give, because these men and women that serve as our helpers during the gift buying process are the most untapped resource.  They know the product, they know the company’s service abilities, they know about alternatives, they know about pricing, they know about wrapping options and guess what – they done it before!!  Many times.  They have great ideas, advice, thoughts and will even recommend other purveyors than their own in order to help you get the best present for your giftee.

Leave Not Until The Very Last Moment – Now Gentlemen, I know this is an absolute favourite of yours, it is, don’t try to deny it.  Some have tried to convince me they get their very best gifts this way, when it’s down to the wire.  But you know chaps, help us to help you find the most superb present for your loved ones.  You see we are more likely to have it in stock, in the colour your giftee wants, in the size they need if you set out to purchase this, even just a few days prior to the event itself.  Plus if you end up empty handed, there’s always the next day to revamp your idea list.  And whilst you may take this as some sort of challenge, get the best gift in the shortest amount of time possible, I would urge you to recall the times (and yes there are a few) where this wasn’t as successful and the flowers from the petrol station on valentine’s evening did not suffice by any means!

Efforts Should Not Go Unrewarded – this we are a big fan of!  When living in Blighty I often made a day of my Christmas shopping ensuring lunch was a designated restaurant and end of day drinkie-poos were at a wonderful hotel bar.  If you intend to shop in brick and mortar then go ahead enjoy the day, make it more palatable.  This may mean a good hour or two discussing the merits of the latest vino if you coincide your day with your friendly spirit provider.  Or a brief sojourn into the car dealership just in case they have the new Bentley in your size.  Or simply meeting your bestie for a bite to eat at lunchtime.

Should you decide to do it all online, well done you.  But set some time aside, grab your coffee and beignet and make a concerted effort.  If after an hour, all is purchased have another beignet I say!

Do you have any important tips you’d like to share?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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