SoffiaB - creator of luxury robes and dressing gowns. British Designed, New York Made: Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous!

Owner and Founder Sophie Burkart born in the UK began her quest for the perfect robe at an early age.  She searched in vain for a robe that looked stylish and felt good against her skin.

In her pursuit she bought many iterations of a dressing gown, some big, fluffy, toweling styles, some lacey, lingerie styles – adequate, but neither combining the style and comfort she sought. Hence SoffiaB was created, with attention to detail that is perhaps hard to find on  similar products, “a significant factor in my purchasing was quality. Robes that quickly began to lose their shape or seams that became unstitched were a constant irritant. This was why it made sense to produce our dressing gowns in New York’s Garment District where they are known for their quality and attention to detail”.

By combining her love of beautiful fabrics with highly skilled craftmanship, SoffiaB's exquisite silk robes and dressing gowns are the definition of luxury. “In today’s lifestyle with the advent of lounge-wear it may seem the dressing gown or robe is unnecessary, but I think we need them more than ever.  Today’s woman has so many demands on her time and person, she needs something that reminds her she is special and unique, our limited edition robes do just that.”

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie Burkart