A Right Royal Robe

 And whilst we would love to say yes to every request of course that is just not possible.  We make exceptions to those causes that touch us personally for example the fantastic Rescue Village that gave us our silly hound and wee cat!

Sometimes however we give a robe or two for other reasons.  Late last year a dear friend who’s been an erstwhile supporter of SoffiaB sent me an article from the Evening Standard about the various awards shows that take place each Spring and suggesting SoffiaB needs to get a famous person to wear our dressing gowns.  Of course but red carpet wearing of your robe isn’t always easy to pull off……

However it did get me thinking and I thought what I really need is a famous stage actress to wear one of our robes in her dressing room and as she’s wandering around backstage.  With the idea being that all the other talented luvvy-darlings would see it and say “where did you get that gorgeous robe, I must have one?”  Well a girl can dream, yes?

It was a long-shot perhaps but I thought why not give it a go.  So after some research I picked my actress, contacted her PR company, well two actually, one here in Los Angeles and the other in London offering to send her a beautiful SoffiaB.

And now dear readers herein lies the most astounding part of the whole tale.  Not only did the LA company forward my email to her London company, the PR person in London sent me the most delightful email, thanking me and saying she was sure her client would be touched by my kind offer. 

I almost fell off my chair, gobsmacked to use an English term!  I was having coffee with the lovely CEO of swimwear company Girl Trunks recounting the story to her and she virtually shouted “and they contacted you back!!!???!!!” 

In world of disputed and phony celebrity, where fashion, arts and film industry occasionally deign to respond to the hallowed inner circle only, where getting a no is a win because they actually acknowledged your contact – we were both gobsmacked plus the fact her PR lady was just so generous with her time to take the trouble to respond to me.

I was anticipating losing a robe to some celebrity assistant never to be seen of again – apologies to all the professional celebrity assistants out there, but it does happen with some of your more unscrupulous colleagues ask Nigella!

Early this year I received a wonderful hand written note from the actress herself thanking me for the “very glamorous dressing gown”.  I was thrilled by the note, by the kindness of the super PR lady, by the LA company forwarding my email, by the whole celebrity experience.  Will we get any more sales from this, any further exposure, who knows, but all I can say is what a class act!

Can you guess who she is?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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