Anyone Seen My Happy Place

During this time of year, you may have noticed on social media/magazines/talk shows etc there is often talk of “my happy place” usually accompanied by an idyllic beach scene.

Whilst pondering the fact I won’t be hitting the beach again until October, as April’s endeavor was cancelled due to storms in the flight path, thank you weather, I came to a couple of conclusions:

-         - one's happy place may not necessarily include your loved ones and

-       -  I have a ton of happy places

To address the first point, I tried a mini-staycation the other week and suffice to say it didn’t add to my “happy place” in fact it was hard to actually find it. You see the other occupants of the house still wanted to be fed and watered – I know can you believe it?? Some were wistfully staring at the food bin and others were just communicating that unspoken vibe that says “glad you’re on staycation but what’s for dinner and by the way I'm still working?”

A happy place usually denotes peace and relaxation. Ask any Mother her happy place may well be a beautiful forest walk. However, when combined with ankle-biters, the tranquility and wonder is usually replaced with Tarquin being covered in poison ivy and Arabella scraping her legs on the rocky path resulting in tears, tantrums and screaming banshees – get my point?

The second thing is I’m sure not exclusive to me, so I challenge you to think this through …… Yes my happy place is a Cape Cod beach, but it's also the heath in the Surrey Hills where I grew up riding my horses, the front porch of my current home, the snowy mountains of Crested Butte, the Greek islands of holidays past, a wee village on the East Coast of England, my BFF’s conservatory, curled up in my bed in my dressing gown …. Do you see what I mean?

All of these places evoke memories, peace, contentment, calm and joy I love them all and spending time in any of these places is vital to my constitution both physically and mentally. I find I need these places at different times and some I just cannot get to regularly enough. I do think we need many of these "happy places" because to pin all our hopes of peace and contentment on a single place, usually once or twice a year puts an awful lot of pressure on it to deliver!

I hope this summer you find your happy place and manage to grab it before it runs off or worse gets overrun. And I sincerely hope you have more than one for exactly those reasons!?!

Answers on a postcard please lovelies or if that’s just too difficult pop them in the comments J

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie

P.S. talking of happiness, my Birthday is this month and in order to celebrate I am a holding a one day half price offer across ALL our dressing gown collections!

So keep those eyeballs peeled as I shall be sending out a notification email at 12.01am on my Birthday xx

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