Calorie Free Chocolate Fix

If only!!!!???!!!

I have always been a savoury bean, preferring crisps over candy, cheese over choccy, meat over mereingue (does anyone else say merring-guuu in their heads?) and now tofu over toffee. So it comes as a bit of a surprise to me as I've become older, I have been craving chocolate far more than I ever used to.

I always had a bar of chocolate in my handbag or in the larder, very much a security blanket in case I "needed" that fix. When I first came to the US I would stock up on English chocolate of all makes and creations, as the ordinary every-day sort of chocolate here was and still is, in my opinion dreadful. Anyway my bags of choc would sit for months on end, sometimes to the point where I'd have to take inventory prior to the next trip home otherwise I'd have a glut of chocolate!

Over the last maybe 5 years or so I've been partaking of a couple of squares of rich dark chocolate after dins, typically during the week. I don't tend to indulge in vino during the week, because a) I need to feel sensible in the workday mornings and b) working out on a wine-head in just not pleasant or do-able anymore.

So this chocolate nibble has served me well. This year however I seem to be craving sweet, milk chocolate truffley type chocs, of the Lindt, Suchard and even Milk Tray (English listeners you'll know what I mean) variety. It has to be certain makes, not just any old truffle chocolate, plus actual boxes of the stuff, not a chocolate bar so much?

It's totally alien and I have to say it's not helping me maintain my girlish figure .... ahem :-)

Yes I do find this annoying and I wonder:

- is this because of something lacking in my meat free diet (unlikely)

- have my tastes changed (perhaps)

- if I fully indulged my cravings and ate a whole box of truffles would I be done with it (possibly but also just sick and guilty)

- is this an age thing (arrgghh probably)

Drat and double-drat!!!! I may even remember someone of more advanced years than myself, say the exact same thing! And thinking at the time good, I've a few years yet - because once I reach 80 or, fingers crossed, all bets are off and I'll be eating cake everyday, drinking wine and generally indulging my every whim.

I'm still a savoury person though, given a choice between wine and crisps or liqueurs and dessert - wine and crisps win everytime! It's all very troubling!

So this Cafe Capuccine that you see here, is most definitely a calorie-free chocolate fix! It's rich and looks delicious - almost good enough to eat! The funny thing is, it looks absolutely terrible on me :-)))) - it really does, it just doesn't suit me for some reason. The chocolate gods quite frankly are having a right old laugh at my expense!!

Has your sweet tooth changed over the years? Or maybe your savoury tooth has changed and you crave more of that? Perhaps there's a specific food you prefer now and never did when younger? Do tell?

Meantime you'll find me trying to out-exercise my new chocolate desires or with my face in a chocolate box - your guess!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie xx

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