Christmas In July

Ok so it's actually August ... but I think you get  my drift?

I didn't know what all this was about until I moved across the pond and realized it's all another marketing ploy which is a tad disappointing especially if you adore the holiday season?  It seems a bit rude to besmerch the magic of that time of year.  However, if this were a Christmas list of good ideas then I might be a bit more amenable to it. 

Right now I don't want to think about the holidays at all from a personal level, I want to sit back and enjoy the long, mostly hot, summer days and feel refreshed.

Come November I will be in a different mindframe, I shall be in that "oh my goodness what do I get my BFF/ the person who has everything/my significant other/my son's head teacher/my Aunt/my dog/insert who you wish here....!  And like me I suspect you want to give gifts that are truly lovely, meaningful and items the recipient wouldn't buy for themselves - or at the very least, they adore them!

So lovely people I'm giving you six ideas as a pre-holiday list that I think your friends and family will love!

Shouldn't your pup be as stylish as you are?

So it doesn't look like much at the moment but for the cyclist in your life these can be fully and I mean fully customized!

Oddly I found that estate jewelry isn't all that prevalent over here compared in the UK, but how about all that pre-loved stuff with stories imagined behind them? 

Who doesn't love food as a gift!?!

Limited edition or original art doesn't have to cost millions!

I've got a feeling I've mentioned this company before so apologies if that's the case, I do know I rather hanker after their coats.

I do hope this helps and if you know of any unique and wonderful gift ideas I would love to hear them please share!!!!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

P.S. And then there's always the latest Hermione Shortie Collection wink

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