Is dithering different from procrastination? Or is one just more sophisticated than the other?

I do not think of myself as a ditherer or a procrastinator. I may be a reflector and try to be considered, but not a ditherer or a procrastinator.

I think being a ditherer / procastinator means you have all the information gathered and you've mulled over the options but you don't want to make a decision. Being considered or a reflector I think, means you just need some time away to think about it all. Once you've done that, a decision comes forthwith?

Anyone like to add to this or strongly disagree.......?

I could of course look up all of the words in the dictionary and get the true meaning, but where's the fun in that :-) #lazybones

So it has come as a bit of a surprise when these past few weeks I've been dithering and procrastinating on something. What's worse is I've been flip-flopping - horreurs! You know, making one decision then reversing it. Then making another decision, then changing it and so on. It's really been very poor show and for the other person involved, well all I can say is they have the patience of a saint!

Try as I might I have very little idea as to why I've been so wishy washy. I don't know if I feel like I don't have the bandwidth to take on something, or lack confidence to be successful at it or just plain ol' don't fancy doing it. I honestly am not sure what the issue is? To that end rather than sit here for another couple of weeks agonizing as any conclusions I come to don't sit well with me - hence the back and forth - and run the risk of the opportunity passing me by. I decided this morning in the words of that famous brand "just get the hell on and do it!!!"

By the way this is not a life changing opportunity and it may not even come to pass. In fact it's rather ridiculous just how much time I've spent wrestling with this and I don't feel any more comfortable with my decision than I did a few weeks ago. But I couldn't stand the waffling.

That's the reason why we have free returns at SoffiaB, because indecision is not a pleasant thing in my mind. It can create anxiety and there's enough of that in anyone's life without wondering if you should have purchased that robe or not and then it sells out!

So the decision is made and now I'll just wait and see what happens. Do you have any strategies to deal with this, are you a procrastinator or a once the decision is made, it's made, kinda person? Do you ever get yourself into a pickle and then wonder what all the fuss was about? I'd love to know?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie xx

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