Four Weddings And A Dishwasher

Yes I do I love, love, love weddings, always have done and probably always will  There’s something super sparkly about a wedding, because when you think about it, love is really the ultimate goal.  To be loved, to love is a wonderful, wonderful thing and to think two people who were once strangers have found that depth of love and now wish to celebrate it – ahhh just lovely……..

When invites used to come via the post, a phrase you’d hear for people who’d turn up to any event they thought might be advantageous, would be “she’ll go to the opening of an envelope” – well I’m a bit like that when it comes to weddings.  I will attend any wedding because of the magic of it, perhaps it’s silly and I should grow up but I don’t care I love weddings.

I’ve been to a fair few some traditional, some not and everything in between.  During my 20s it was all big hats, morning dress and marquees, very Hugh Grant and co.  Did I mention by the way I love a big hat, no?  Oh well I love those too.  And then as time progressed weddings became more evening attire oriented and then now they can be anything and anywhere – how much fun!?!

Whilst I have this ultra blissful view of weddings there have been some that perhaps didn’t quite gel with my notions.

There was one of the big hat variety where the bride did not smile once throughout the whole event.  She looked stunning in a body skimming white lace dress, she was marrying a wonderful, handsome chappie, but not once did I see her smile – needless to say their marriage was peppered with affairs (hers) and ended in divorce.

Another wedding set in the beauty of a century old white church on a hill, where the bride looked like a more voluptuous Angelie Jolie, beautiful indeed.  I was sure the best man was also in love with the bride from the way he was looking at her with such yearning.  The groom was fine, very short hair, big and bulky sort, rather reminiscent of a seedy night-club bouncer.  But so far  they’ve proved their critics wrong and they’re still together avec les ankle-biters.

Then there were two middle-aged divorcees getting remarried with the service conducted by “Eric the Cleric” in a wee village in the UK, where he began the proceedings with “you may wonder why I’ve asked you all here to day …”.  We all laughed, it broke the unnecessary solemnity of the occasion.  Then after we’d all quietened down he began.  About half way through he looked at the pair and said “oh you’ve been through this before, take over will you?” – silence – And then someone laughed and Eric the Cleric continued.  Deep breaths all round.

One bride I knew continued to tell everyone how she only married for money, which was tacky to say the least, but her husband got his own back in small ways for example never allowing her to use the dishwasher in any of their 3 houses!

I was fortunate enough to attend a wedding where the bride was Indian so apart from anything else I was in food heaven.  She was a jolly, effervescent kind of gal who was marrying a sweet, thin, nerdy IT chap.  He clearly adored her even though she looked as though she’d eat him for breakfast.  But it was her parents that made me laugh, they clearly couldn’t understand what it was their daughter saw in this rather mal-nourished looking Englishman and went through the whole event with rather astonished expressions on their faces, as if to say “really, is this the best you’ve got?” 

I hope you are attending some spiffy weddings this summer and do tell what weird and wonderful wedding memories do you have?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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