From An American Icon To A British One

SB:  Good morning Kate I’m so pleased you agreed to meet with us!

KM:  Morning??  Yah, rreally not keen on mornings….


SB:  Good afternoon Kate, thank you for rearranging our interview!

KM:  Afternoon?  Nah come back tonight


SB:  Good evening Ms Moss, Kate, does now suit you?

KM:  Yeah ok (sigh) you’re a bit bloody persistent aren’t you!?!

SB:  We-ll yes, not often we get the chance to sit down and have a chat with someone like yourself

KM:  S’ppose, ok what you want to know?

SB:  I have to ask this question, is your lifestyle really as rock ‘n roll as it seems to be, have you really been in bed all day snoozling and recovering from your hangover, late partying etc?

KM:  Are you flippin’ joking I was up at 5.00am this morning because Lila was having nightmares!

SB:  Oh gosh, sorry poor thing she’s 14 isn’t she?

KM:  Ha, ha, ha gotcha!!  Nah, she’s comforting me from my nightmares

SB:  Oh and what might they be, the usual run out of vodka one?

KM:  Not funny and don’t be such a cow if you want this to continue

SB:  Truce - shall we start again?

KM:  Fine

SB:  So I don’t suppose you’re going to tell me about your “projected” lifestyle and if your life is really like that?

KM:  You’re right I’m not.  I didn’t cultivate this whole Kate thing for the last 20 years just to reveal it all to you one evening

SB:  No I suppose you’re not, but surely it can't be sooo crazy otherwise it would take a toll on your looks wouldn’t it

KM:  It’s amazing what they can do these days to freshen you up, thank God, when I was 20 you could bounce back, but these days…… bloody brilliant I tell you …. IF of course I ever needed to be freshened up, wink, wink!

SB:  Could you possibly just give me one snippet of juiciness about you, please!!!!????!!

KM:  Listen, life is hard bloody hard work, whether it’s partying, modeling or rocket science you have to apply yourself and I’ve done that throughout my career and I love what I do, and fortunately me mug seems to be holding up ok, so as long as they want me, I’ll keep doing it!

SB:  Fair enough, so any fashion tips you’d like to share with us?

KM:  Yeah wear your PJs in public!!

SB:  Oh!  Did you know we make dressing gowns?

KM:  Who cares, wear your pajamas!!!

SB:  Oh …… frown

KM:  Nah, whatever you do PJs or your Dressy, just wear what I wear, it’s deemed cool and frankly it IS cool to be me ha ha ha ha ha ha, cough, cough, cough, ha ha, wheeze ……

SB:  Thank you Kate it's been fun, appreciate the time(s), take care!


Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – SoffiaB

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