Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

May I ask how's your hair?

No eyeball rolling from the cheap seats please :-) and this isn't an overly hairy post before you hit close. I ask because our hair has featured quite heavily this past year on two fronts:

1) many of us not being able to get it cut, coloured etc etc

2) our hair condition is actually a good indicator of our overall well-being

Some of you may recall this picture from last summer, with Memphis and I comparing hair-care notes and how spookily similar our hair was. Except his is a lot thicker and naturally coloured than mine - obvs.

My hair is fine as in perfectly fine. It's longer than it's been for .... oh .... I don't know, probably 20 years - eek, did I just say 20 years!?! But yes it is, the only thing colouring it since February of 2020 has been the well water of where we live and yes the grey is showing. Ho hum.

It's not brilliant, but it's ok, it's fine.

It's actually made me realize that whilst going to the hair salon was an element of self-care and indulgence it actually hasn't been necessary. Not that I won't return at some point because a professional hair cut is vital for healthy hair, but the need and burden to go and try and look "perfect" has been removed.

It's been more freeing than I anticipated. Some of my friends are anxious to get back in the salon, some have already been in and I'm certainly not judging! However I have noticed during this year when the situation seemed more than a tad bleak, when vaccines weren't being made available, when not being able to see my family or even plan to see my family became overwhelming, I noticed my hair reflected my stress.

It was knotier than usual, it had even less body than normal and no matter how I styled it - it wasn't playing. I've said before if my hair is feeling ok, I can manage without a face full of make up. If my hair is feeling poorly, no amount of make up can help!

So where does this leave me currently? Well I think my hair is doing just fine, a bit long, a bit dark but it's all right. Until that is within the space of about 10 days my dear friend and my sister both enquired over facetime "what was I going to do with it?"

Pardon?? Um nothing yet.

So maybe it's not quite as fine as I think it is :-)) but that's ok I have an array of beautiful dressing gowns and robes to wear. So even if my hair looks a bit ratty no one will notice because everyone will be looking at my robe!

Stay Well, Stay Positive, Stay Safe - Sophie

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