Is Staying In The New Going Out

Apparently and yes you may like to sit down for this one …… people are no longer frequenting the bars and restaurants, they are staying in!  Yes that’s right you read that correctly, the Hamptons crew are staying in.

It would appear the scene this summer is getting a tad tawdry and unseemly, so people are opting to invites guests over for a soiree at homeo.  And staying in is the new going out.

Of course I have to ask the question, when did hosting ever go out??  I adore dinner parties, of the formal kind, the informal kind and the middle of the road kind. The al fresco kind, the picnic by the pool kind and the drinks in the library first kind.  The roaring fire in winter kind, the last minute get together kind and the mystery murder kind– in fact all kinds of DPs.

Dinner parties are just the best.  Yes of course there are times when you want to go out and strut your stuff and people-watch the world around you. But dinner parties with the right ingredients of guests, food, location and vino produce some of the most memorable evenings.

One such evening back in the UK, was a New Year’s Eve DP of about eight to ten people if I recall correctly hosted by a dear friend.  With our invitations came our character for the murder mystery that was to unfold.  It was a complete hoot, NYE was a secondary factor and we laughed and enjoyed ourselves enormously.  I can’t remember if it was Colonel Mustard in dining room or not, but it was brilliant.

Why, because the entertainment was provided for us, we all got into character when required and it took the pressure off to have a “fabulous” NYE.

Another dinner party this side of the pond we ended up dancing on the dining room table, apropos of absolutely nothing, it was just the right mix of people and music.  My friend had her sister over from the UK and I seem to recall it was a rather dreary February evening, not much to recommend it at all, but the evening is oft referred to now as one of the best.

DPs have an intimacy that few restaurants can create, plus knowing your host has put time and effort into creating a meal (catered or created by him/herself), thought goes into it just for the guests is a lovely thought.  It should make the guests feel rather special.  A host opens their home, their place of peace and sanctuary and invites you into it, wouldn’t that make you feel special?  They’ve gone to great trouble to provide food and libations they hope you will enjoy, almost like your personal chef, wouldn’t that make you feel special?  They’ve put candles on the table, lights in the arbor, they’ve retrieved the tasty champers from the cellar, wouldn’t that make you feel special?

I both enjoy attending and hosting DPs and I don’t blame the Hampton’s crew at all.  I have always fancied hosting one in my dressing gown, a SoffiaB one of course.  Or having a "come in your robe and stay overnight", then people can just roll right into bed.  I am always dismayed by the lack of DPs generally and encourage everyone to have more!

Do you host dinner parties?  What do you think about them in general?  Do you think people should have more?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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