Just Do It Said Everyone

Finally I did it! I stopped moaning about it and trying to justify my actions - or should that be inaction – and went through almost all of my wardrobe and cleared it out!

I was pretty ruthless I’m not sure why or where I found the motivation or courage for that matter but it’s done!

One humongous bag, one large bag and one medium sized bag full of clothes and shoes that I will not wear again or don’t know why I bought in the first place. All in all about 5-6 bin bags.

I zipped through the closet and then rummaged my way through my many storage bins.

A moment’s hesitation and it was into the donation bag. I wavered and waffled a smidge too long and in it went!

There were a couple of items that were “special” in that they certain design or shape which had led me to hold onto them. But as I reasoned sharply and quickly with myself I still hadn’t worn them in over 6 years. And whilst I hadn’t seen anything similar there will always be other unique pieces around.

As MK says if it didn’t spark joy immediately it was gone!

It doesn’t look as though I’ve made much of a dent and I wonder now where they were all hiding? There isn’t a whole cupboard or chest of drawers empty and waiting to be refilled. Quite the opposite it still looks full to overflowing?

However I will say upon completion of my chore I felt unbelievably free-er, lighter, less weighed down, less guilty somehow. And what’s more I felt the same the day after. I realized I didn’t love ALL of my wardrobe and there was a lot that needed to be cleaned out. I suspect when I go through some of the summer wardrobe transition I shall be donating more.

I really did not realize though just how much my superfluous clothes seemed to be weighing me down? It makes more sense now why deciding what to take on holiday was a tortuous task, not because I had nothing to take but because I had so many, too many I would argue, outfits to choose from.

Ridiculously stressful and downright avoidable – why would I do that to myself? Real life is stressful enough without adding false stresses to it! Interestingly I do know at least three people who offer Closet Doctor services and always rather pooh-pooed the idea, with a smugly thought of “no I know all my wardrobe works, love it, is color coordinated blah, blah, blah” – well how wrong could I have been!?!

Now there’s an argument for a capsule wardrobe if ever I heard one! And whilst I’m not quite yet confident enough to call in one of my stylist friends to do a wardrobe withdrawal process as it were, my advice for the future me is “just get on and bloody do it!”

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie

P.S. had a slight moment of panic over a particular sweater 3 days later, fished it out, tried it on & re-consigned it to the donation bags!!

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