Mad Dash

Because lovely people have you seen those abominations they call women’s bathrobes that grace the cupboards in hotel rooms!!!??!!!

Oh my goodness they are terrible and I truly appreciate washing hundreds of dressing gowns takes time and effort but given how much time and money hotels generally invest in sleep, why wouldn’t you have the robe to match?

These days, one can get all manner of sleep choices including pillow fill feather or hypoallergenic (think poly-fill), accompanying selection of blanket, throw or eiderdown in rich herringbone stitch, bedtime cookies, bears and hot drinks and then to top it off a nasty old waffle weave dressing gown.  However luxurious your hotel may be, chances are the offending articles will all be some sort of toweling and microfiber combination.

All fine, BUT is it not hard enough to get a really good night’s sleep I venture without a somewhat crusty bathrobe to soothe you into ZZZ-land? 

And let us suppose you may be going glamping that ridiculousness the leisure industry calls camping for the sophisticated – no we’d do neither, however I digress.  So you’re having a fab time in your yurt or tree house or whatever apparatus you’re staying and guess what you need to quickly nip to the amenities?  Instead of struggling back into sweatpants, jeans or leggings – just grab your robe, preferably ours, swan out of your tent-like abode with all modesty firmly under wraps and avail yourself of the facilities.  Meantime not only are you covered but you look super, as the name implies some measure of glamour is supposed to be present and why not make it you!

Having a comforting item in a strange place will help your remind body that it needs to get some shut-eye however exciting and wonderful your hols is.  Wearing something familiar and one hopes supremely comfortable will act as a trigger and soothe your soul.  Plus of course should you encounter the butler, other residents or heaven forbid the camp counsellor you will be suitably attired.

Solution – take your bathrobe with you, take your short cotton robe, your full length woman’s robe, your cashmere dressing gown or if you’re really lucky your luxury silk robe from SoffiaB that makes you look gorgeous and feel fabulous.  Trust us, it will be worth it.

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie

p.s. did we mention they’re nearly always a sort of off-white?

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