Many A True Word Spoken In Jest

Very witty and I completely agreed with them all.  Here’s one example -  to the nanny “I hired you because my husband will never fancy you....” well if that isn’t throwing down the gauntlet I don’t know what is!?!

And it got me thinking about various other things it’s best not to say or if you do choose to say these out loud, be it at your own peril.....!

- To your best friend “do you think I should see a psychologist?” as she will think she’s being fired as her job as pseudo-therapist and the last 6 months listening to you wailing about your ex when she would rather have been watching Mad Men, have been a complete and utter waste of her time.

- To the man in your life “do you think I should see psychologist?” the answer will always be a resounding YES hastily followed by a no!  Because women are from Venus.

- At the hair salon “should I go shorter?” to your stylist, red rag to a bull!

- To your sister when she buys you a really expensive, super duper present “oh you really shouldn’t have” because trust me she won’t next time.

- To your anklebiter “I really just don’t care, do what you like!” you will very much care as you’re driving to the emergency room at 3.00am with a broken finger / severe stomach pains etc

- “But I don’t think he loves me …..” to your mother-in-law, for obvious reasons

- “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” to your plastic surgeon, they may want to prove a point and you may not get the nose, boobs or face that you asked for

- “Don’t you agree Tarquin’s gifted?” you will be labeled as the Mother-from-hell by not just your son’s house-master but the whole school

- “Do not bring that in here!” to the cat, because you can absolutely guarantee the little furball will drag it in, eat it and then proceed to throw it all back up again, usually on the cream suede sofa

And lastly most importantly

- “Does my derrière look big in this?” to anyone as you’ll never get the answer you want!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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