Meanwhile Across The Pond

So would you look at this!!???!!!

Love, love, love it!

Now full disclosure I sent this to the lovely Juliette (aka @anenglishwife) as an early Chrimbly gift but when I popped it across the pond I said wear it and enjoy it!

She made a joke about feeding the chickens in it and I replied, my sister wears hers and cuddles Marmite their Parsons terrier in it – they are made for wearing!

And lo and behold Juliette pops up on her Instagram having brekkie outside with all her sweet hens, in her Ming Fling. Now how much fun is that!?!

Maybe I should do a challenge, the most unique place you’ve worn your robe ….. Or maybe not?

If you’re thinking about acquiring a SoffiaB dressing gown for yourself or someone else and you have questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me directly. I know with holiday season fast approaching there are some people that are just so very hard to buy for and I am more than happy to suggest on collection, color, sizing, length etc etc

By the way if you’re wanting a good giggle, particularly about English country life have a squizzle at Juliette’s account she is hilarious and definitely a SoffiaB dressing gown kinda gal!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie

P.S. keep your eyeballs alert over the next few weeks, we’re having a Clear the Collection event in honour of Thanksgiving!!

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