More Robust Than You Might Suspect

I was corresponding with one of our wonderful customers the other day and she said something to the effect of how she doesn’t wear her first SoffiaB robe (an original Daphne) as much as she should because she loves it so much and doesn’t want to have anything happen to it. Having recently bought a Delphine she felt this would get more wear.

We have wonderful, wonderful customers who truly appreciate the care with which our robes and dressing gowns are made. They value the beauty of the silk and the luxuriousness of the linings.

I think they also realize just how much I personally love these items of clothing and how I really set out to create the perfect robe.

If you’ve read this blog you will have seen how I prefer to use things and potentially break or damage them than keep them locked away in a display case – where’s the fun in that? And unless you have museum quality pieces with the associated traffic coming through your abode, what’s the point?

The same applies to our robes –they’re actually jolly robust! For good reason! When I first designed them the driving factor was look gorgeous and feel fabulous and that still is, but almost as a by-product if you like, the design had to be sturdy enough to wear daily. Because otherwise, what was the point?

My older sister has one from our original Daphne collection.She has 3 ankle-biters, commutes into the city for her career most days, runs a household, has a dog etc etc and her dressing gown goes right along with her! She pops it on and off daily, makes tea in it, reads her book in it, catches up on emails in it and eats brekkie in it. In short she uses it, so much so she even scoured the UK for a pair of appropriate slippers to match.

This is exactly what I hope for all our robes, to be used, be enjoyed and make their owners feel special!!

We are all busy and lives only get busier it seems. We constantly need reminding how to take some time out, to rest, to allow our lives to pause a little. It is very important to me that our robes help people to do that, even if it just a glance at their reflection in the mirror looking spiffy in their robe, which brings a smile to their face. That’s wonderful!

So I urged this lovely customer to wear both her robes (not at the same time obvs) but for the appropriate weather and enjoy them thoroughly!!

Otherwise what’s the point?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous and don’t be afraid to wear your robe - Sophie

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