Mother's Day II

but as a Mother there are some realizations that may never be vocalized -

- Tommy is not in fact going to grow up and be a rocket scientist in fact getting him to go to school is hard enough let alone the moon.

- My child was actually a terribly ugly baby, thank god a) my mother rose-tinted glasses didn’t allow me to see it and b) he’s grown up to be not bad looking

- Three and a half is not hugely advanced to master potty training

- Saying terribly precocious things like “I only wear cashmere” is not exclusive to Arabella, just ask any doting grandparent

- Remember when you scream how much I've ruined your life, the feeling may not be exclusively yours

- Yes she did just tell Chelsea to “eff off” at age 5, but who’s counting

- Am I “worried” about Tarquin’s fascination with the hoover and my make up drawer, no of course not, but his Father will blame me

- Thank goodness Tarquin’s just punched Julian, I can’t stand his Mother

- Being a Mother sucks sometimes

- Yes I am definitely a pet parent as well, they are generally easier to deal with

- Olivia will never be in with the cool crowd, particularly if she keeps wearing her knickers on her head or maybe that’s what it takes these days

- I don’t dislike all teenagers, just my own

- Being a Mother is not my calling / vocation / definition of myself

- My child is wonderfully average

- Thank goodness she’s left home (in the case of my Mam-ma)

- I am not the best mother in the world but then neither am I the worst

Any you’d care to add ……?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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