Olympic Proportions

I have to admit I was caught up in it as I am nearly every Olympics.  It is just so special to be able to truly capture the Olympic spirit, athletes at the pinnacle of their sporting lifetime all coming together to compete to be the best in the world – it really is phenomenal and if you take a moment to think about what an individual goes through to qualify, let alone compete and win a medal, it is quite mind-blowing.

Or perhaps we sit here and think “oh Bode Miller, you didn’t really do it for us this time” or “where were you Shaun White?” 

I’m writing this sitting out for the afternoon of a day’s skiing having crashed and burned a couple of times this morning and feeling just a tad off kilter.  I think my wee brain cell had been rattled too hard and it needed a rest.

But as I slipped and slithered around the mountain I was talking to some of the instructors I began to really appreciate the enormous athleticism and talent of the Olympic competitors.

Putting it into context.  So those of us stateside having a beating from snow and ice, we try not to venture out unless our roads have been salted and swept, we watch where we tread for fear of falling on the ice and wrap ourselves up in multiple layers of clothing to protect us from the cold.  And these amazing athletes hurl themselves down the ice at speeds we drive at on the motorway wearing an all-in-one about an eight of a millimeter thick!!

Now aside from the sporting aspect, there is of course the fashion side.  From the questionable Ralph Lauren designed US team gear to the hairstyles of the competitors.  If you were a woman snowboarder the style appeared to be long curled tresses framing your face and if you were a chap in ice skating, then the bigger mane the better.

And honestly for those of you stateside who didn’t just love Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir!?!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie

(not in Sochi, but inflicting her skiing “prowess” on the wonderful, unsuspecting state of Colorado)

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