One Of Those Days

Ever had one?

Yesterday I was supposed to be meeting a good friend for a walk with the Pink Dog, but the night before she had to postpone. Not a problem at all, life happens doesn't it?

Of course the Pink Dog and I continued with our plan,just somewhere closer to home.  I was disappointed not to see my friend, especially in these precarious times, but it was a beautiful day and we got out early.

I decided to go to a park near us that has easy access to a river. The Pink Dog's moniker is due to her white fur and large quantities of pink skin that show, and when hot turn even pinker!

Within 5 minutes of setting out we met a lady and her beagly beagle. "Hello!!" she said, "how are you?" - you know I'm British right and even after all this time, it still takes me back a bit when Americans are so friendly. But she was lovely, just nice, just nice and friendly, and happy more to the point! We chatted and the Pink Dog and the beagly beagle exchanged sniffs and suchlike and we were on our way. The lady's happiness was infectious I immediately felt buoyed by her niceness and her own jolliness.

So off we toddled and made our way to the river, whereupon the Pink Dog waddled into the river on her turkey legs to cool down - bless her cottons - lo and behold we spot another beastie. This time a chap with a bouncy, young Cattle Dog Retriever cross - very handsome! Ahem, the dog sillies! We chatted obvs and talked rescue dogs etc and the Pink Dog and the Cattle Retriever played. Guess what, the chap was very happy too and the dogs had a super time.

My sweet Pink Dog was as invigorated as I was - she'd met two dogs whom she'd liked enormously, had a good old play and then cooled down in the river. Their happiness combined with their owners jolliness really gave us both a spurt of energy. We ran, leapt over logs, splashed into the river again and generally felt very good. We were full of the joys of summer.

It was one of those days where for whatever reason, there was a little bubble of extra jolliness on our morning walk which was lovely in of itself, but the people and clearly the beasties we met were feeling extra good and simply transmitted that extra feeling our way - it was simply wonderful and we both revelled in it!!

I only hope they felt the same about us ...... ever had one of those days?

Stay Well, Stay Positive, Stay Safe - Sophie xx

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