Seams Unlikely

That things would go smoothly?

At our third dip into the magical world of photoshoots with our Delphine Shortie collection, we were feeling a tad more confident and whilst there are always things that go awry having consistent key players makes the whole process go a lot more efficiently - enjoy!


Not entirely sure why we're drinking already?

It always amazes me just how stunning our models are in real life & Jessica was no exception!

I adore weddings, so much fun, so lovely, so easy for something to go wrong.

Like one's veil being blown away!

It can all lead to overwhelming fatigue surprise

You may notice a recurring theme?

The lovely and equally patient Christine & Jessica

And it's a wrap .... a roll .... or even a bun-fight - but now we're being silly!

Thank you as always to all our team but particularly Jason (usually found up a ladder) and Maggie with her box of aesthetics!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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