So I Had Another Look

A friend of mine in is currently having a clear out  and sort through of her house. Which personally I think is rather risky as last time I looked (which was a while ago I admit) it had some lovely things in it and I'd hate for her to part with them ..... only because I want them :-)))

Anyway she sent me a text remarking on my lack of colour in my home except of course my sumptuous silk robes and dressing gowns - oh how I adore thee - and how hers is all about colour.

She then sent me some pics. Well dear reader aside from being a bit sparse I thought, it looked actually no more colourful than mine? So what gives? Thought I'd better have another look and see it through a different pair of eyeballs if you like. 

But first I wanted to show you some fabrics I'd sourced for the sofas

Aren't they gorgeous so rich and vibrant. Guess which one I chose?

Yep a beautiful sort of mole colour in velvet, love it!! Ok maybe a tad safe.

But see here, some swatches for curtains, big and bold and let me show you what I chose!

It does look slightly like an old-fashioned circus tent in the bedroom as they are floor to ceiling and there are quite a few windows. BUT the thing is I realized having being prompted to revisit my status of colour coward, that I'm not as unadventurous as I first thought. I like to think of it as a bit of a half way house, because I do love colour as is evidenced by our robes, but I love colour that I can easily change. I can swap out or move curtains, cushions, ornaments etc etc. And of course my robe as per the seasons and as per my location. There are some colors that just work better in a different light.

Swapping out a sofa isn't quite as straightforward and whilst one can change cushions all around the house, lugging sofas all over the place isn't quite as simple.

Maybe it's all down to colour confidence in that I worry too much about my colour choices, but then I look at our collections of vibrant silk robes and I think well I think I got that right :-)

Which are you lovely reader, Colour Coward like my good self or Color Confident like my friend?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie xxx

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